About Manufacturer of Endress+Hauser

About Manufacturer of Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser (Endress+Hauser, referred to as E+H company), founded in 1953, is a world-class international automation instrument group company. E+H measurement and automation instruments are widely used in various industrial fields around the world. To help users obtain the best process control results, Endress+Hauser has developed and manufactured a variety of high-tech measurement and control instruments to improve and enhance the chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, energy, source water and sewage, food, bulk material treatment , pulp and paper, shipbuilding and marine transportation and other fields of process efficiency. Approval certificates for use in hazardous areas, hygienic situations, overflow protection and other special applications are also available.

 Our company specializes in selling E+H flowmeters, E+H level meters, E+H instruments and other products, please contact us for details!

Industrial Process Flow Measurement

Flow meters

Vortex flow meters, Gas flow meters, Ultrasonic meters, Digital Flow meters, Turbine Flow meters, Magnetic Flow meters

Liquid meters

Fluid meters, Thermal meter, Volumetric flow meters, Heat meters, Inline meters, Water velocity meter, Chemical flow meter 

Level Measurement & Controls

Conductivity Level switch, Vibration Switch, Mechanical Switch, Capacitance, Radar Level Measurement 

Pressure & Temperature Measurement

Gauge Pressure, Absolute Pressure, Differential Pressure, Level - Hydrostatic Pressure

 Analytical Instruments

pH, Environmental, Oxidation/Reduction(ORP), Corrosion, Conductivity, Scaling, Chlorine, Disinfecting, Dissolved Oxygen ,Power, feed water, Turbidity, Dissolved solids, Optical, Fermentation, emulsions, effluent  Chemical Analysis, Water/Wastewater 

Contollers & Data Acquisition

Temperature Controllers,Recording and Digital Communications

Density & Concentration

Coriolis Meters, Gamma Nuclear, Vibration - Liquifant, Conductivity - Liquiline, Radiometric


Main models of E+H flow meters

 E+H Radar Level Meter

 FMR230, FMR231, FMR240, FMR244, FMR245, FMR250, FMR530, FMR532, FMR533, FMR540

 E+H Guided Wave Radar Level Meter

 FMP40, FMP41C, FMP43, FMP45

 E+H ultrasonic level meter

 FDU91, FDU92, FDU93, FDU95, FDU96, FMU230A, FMU231A, FMU40, FMU41, FMU42, FMU43, FMU44, FMU90 FMU95, FTU230A, FTU231A

 E+H capacitive level gauge

 FMI21, FMI51, FMI52, FTC260, FTC262, FTC968, FTI51, FTI52, T1265, T12892, FTC470Z, FTC471Z, FTC325, FTC625, FMC420, FTI55

 E+H Tuning Fork Level Meter

 FTL20, FTL20H, FTL260, FTL50, FTL50H, FTL51, FTL51C, FTL51H, FTL70, FTL71, FDL60, FDL61, FTM20, FTM21, FTM50, FTM51, FTM52, FTL325P, FTL325N, FTL375N, FTL375P

E+H flow meter

 E+H electromagnetic flowmeter

 Promag 10P, Promag 10H, Promag 10W, Promag 23H, Promag 23P, Promag 50H, Promag 50P, Promag 50W, Promag 53H, Promag 53P, Promag 53W, Promag 55S, Promag 55H

 E+H Vortex Flowmeter

 Prowirl 72F, Prowirl 72W, Prowirl 73F, Prowirl 73W

 E+H mass flow meter

 Promass 40E, Promass 80A, Promass 80E, Promass 80F, Promass 80H, Promass 80I, Promass 80M, Promass 80S, Promass 83A, Promass 83E, Promass 83F, Promass 83H, Promass 83I, Promass 83M

E+H ultrasonic flowmeter

 Prosonic Flow 91W, Prosonic Flow 92F, Prosonic Flow 93T, Prosonic Flow 93C, Prosonic Flow 93W, Prosonic Flow 93P

 E+H gas mass flowmeter

 t-mass 65F, t-mass 65I

 E+H temperature transmitter

 TMT180, TMT181, TMT182, TMT184, TMT187, TMT188, TMT122, TMT127, TMT128

 E+H Transmitter

 CM42, CPM223, CPM253, CPM153

 E+H pressure transmitter

 PMC71, PMP71, PMP75, PMC41, PMC45, PMP41, PMP45, PMP46, PMP48, PMC131, PMP131, PMP135, PTC31, PTP31, PTP35

 E+H differential pressure transmitter

 PMD70, PMD75, FMD76, FMD77, FMD78

 E+H static pressure liquid level transmitter

 FMB70, DB51, DB51A, DB52, DB52A, DB53, DB53A, FMX167

E+H sensor

 CPS11D, CPS11, CPS12D, CPS12, CPS41D, CPS41, CPS42D, CPS42, CPS71D, CPS71, CPS72D, CPS72, CPS91, CPS91D, CPS471, CPS471D, CPF201, CPS471D

 E+H resistance rotary limit switch

 FTE30, FTE31

 E+H temperature switch

 TTR31, TTR35

 E+H thermal resistance

 TST40N, TST41N, TR10, TR11, TR13, TR15, TR24, TR25, TR88, TST410, TST414, TST434, TST310, TSM470F, TMT121, TR44, TR45, TR46, TR47, TR48

 E+H thermocouple

 TC10, TC12, TC13, TSC310, TMT162, TAF11, TAF12D, TAF12S, TAF12T, TAF16

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